25th Apr2017

Episode 246 – Comics & Sermons with Craig & Aaron!

With Craig Thompson & Aaron Winowiski …   This week we welcome back Chris’ brother-from-another-mother, Craig Thompson, and his high-school best friend, Aaron Winowiski, to discuss the...

18th Apr2017

Episode 245 – Getting Soupy with Cecil Castellucci!

With Cecil Castellucci …   We return to our usual programming as Chris hops on Skype for a chat with writer (and all-round Renaissance creator) Cecil Castellucci...

11th Apr2017

Episode 244 – Looking Back at Darkhawk with Rob Deb!

With Rob Deb & Darkhawk …   This week it’s time for a long-overdue back issue special as Rob Deb & I discuss Marvel’s self-proclaimed ‘greatest hero...

04th Apr2017

Episode 243 – The Big Comic Draw with Jordi Bernet & Friends!

With Jordi Bernet, Duncan Fegredo, Mick McMahon & Sean Phillips …   This week we have a very special episode presenting the audio from the Big Comic...

28th Mar2017

Episode 242 – Superheroes & Films Panel at Malta Comic Con!

With Teodor Reljic & Inez Kristina …   With the Angoulême Festival behind us, we turn our sights to another part of Europe with discussion from the...

21st Mar2017

Episode 241 – JD Morvan & Kim W. Andersson at FIBD 2017!

With JD Morvan & Kim W. Andersson …   All good things must come to an end, so this week we bid farewell to the Festival International...

14th Mar2017

Episode 240 – Victor Santos & Julie Maroh at FIBD 2017!

With Victor Santos & Julie Maroh …   Our coverage of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée continues this week as Chris interviews Victor Santos (Polar,...

07th Mar2017

Episode 239 – Eloise de la Maison & Original Watts at FIBD!

With Eloise de la Maison & David Barnier …   This week we begin a series of interviews recorded at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée...

28th Feb2017

Episode 238 – Reminiscing About Angoulême Festival 2017!

With Karl Asaa …   In keeping with their annual tradition, Chris & Karl are back once again to discuss their experiences at this year’s Festival International...

21st Feb2017

Episode 237 – Adi Granov & Esad Ribic in NICE Conversation!

With Adi Granov & Esad Ribic …   One of my favourite shows in the UK is NICE convention organised by Jeff Chahal from Close Encounters. Sadly...